About Keyboard

A keyboard is an instrument which can be played by pressing a series of keys. It comprises of a group of instruments such as the piano, harmonium, accordion and so on. This instrument was developed much later as compared to the other musical instruments.
The keyboard has become a very popular instrument today as it has taken on an electronic form. The electronic keyboard as we know it today is similar to the piano but has the capability of producing a wide range of music and sounds. In fact an advanced keyboard can even replace an entire orchestra with the extent of music that it can produce.
Today the popular new age music in India is not devoid of the use of the keyboard. As a matter of fact it has become an integral part of the current Indian music scenario and its importance and demand is on the rise.

At kRtyaVed

Interested individuals above the age of 8 years can enroll for our keyboard classes. The training sessions take place twice a week.