The guitar is perhaps one of the most commonly used instruments across the world. Stringed instruments such as the guitar date back several centuries ago. Various forms of these stringed instruments were seen across the world at different points in time. However the credit of inventing the modern guitar as we know it goes to Antonio Torres Jurado, a Spanish luthier and guitarist.
The instrument comprises of a hollow wooden body with a single round hole in the center. It also includes a long fretted neck and is usually six stringed. This instrument can be strummed with fingers or with a tiny triangular piece known as a plectrum.
There is a steady growing popularity of this instrument in India among existing musicians as well as the nascent ones. This recognition has led to an increased number of youngsters wanting to learn this instrument.

At kRtyaVed

Here at kRtyaVed we encourage those above the age of 6 years to join our guitar classes and become a skilled guitarist.