In its most basic form, a flute is a musical instrument which is an open hollow tube into which air is blown.Hence the flute falls into the category of wind instruments. Flutes date back to thousands of years ago and were seen across different countries in the world. Each country or region had its own distinctive design style of the instrument.
The ancient flutes were made of rudimentary materials such as bone, wood or clay. Today the more modern version of the instrument is made of metal and has become a finely honed instrument.
In India the term ‘flute’ brings to mind images of Lord Krishna with his traditional bamboo flute. The Indian flutes are different from their western counterparts both in style and materials used. The Indian flute commonly known as the ‘bansuri’ in north India is made of bamboo and is used in classical music. It can have six or seven holes. The flute used predominantly in Carnatic music is different from its northern equivalent in that it has eight holes. The quality of the sound produced by the flute depends on the bamboo used to make it.
India has been the home to many great flautists who have carved a niche for themselves both in the country and globally. The soothing sound of the bansuri is enjoyed by most people in the country and continues to be a favored musical instrument among audiences.

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