Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood is the name given to the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai, India. Most Bollywood movies involve elements of music and dance in them. Hence Bollywood dance refers to the free-style dance form used in these Indian films.
Decades ago, dances in the Indian film industry were based on the Indian classical dances like bharatanatyam, kathak or even folk dances. However over the years, the dance style evolved, with choreographers moving away from the classical forms towards the western influences. Thus global trends such as the disco played an important role in the dances of the Bollywood movies in the seventies.
Since then there has been no turning back for the Bollywood dance circuit. Today Bollywood has developed its own unique dance style which, in a sense is difficult to define and yet easily identifiable. It is a fusion of Indian and various global dance forms and in most cases having elaborate dance sequences.
The distinctive dance style, the affiliation of the masses towards the original soundtracks of the movies and the numerous dance reality shows have given an impetus to the growth of Bollywood dance schools across cities and towns in India. The demand to learn this dance form is astounding.

Bollywood Dance At kRtyaVed

In keeping with the rising demand, kRtyaVed conducts Bollywood dance classes for students of all ages. It is also an excellent way of keeping fit by doing exciting and energetic dance moves.

kRtyaVed has collaborated with Zealor’s Academy for its Bollywood classes. Each class consists of warm up sessions, steps, Bollywood choreographies and cool down sessions. kRtyaVed holds group classes, sangeet choreographies, summer camps, workshops etc. which can be customised based on individual requirements.