About Us

About Us

kRtyaVed Academy for Performing Arts in Bangalore, was established in 2017 by Shrruti Ajjay Ratnakar to provide artists, trainers, gurus and students a platform to learn, improvise, impart knowledge and provide an alternative career to those who seek it.
The founder, Shrruti Ratnakar, has been an exponent of Bharatanatyam for many years. Belonging to a lineage of classical dancers, pursuing and continuing with the family heritage came naturally to her. Having been trained since a very young age in the classical form by her parents and gurus, Guru Jayshree Pillai and Pt. Venugopal Pillai, Shrruti dreamed of setting up her own dance studio where she could nurture and hone aspiring young minds and talents.
Ajjay Ratnakar, her partner both personally and professionally, takes a keen interest in his wife’s ambitions and supports all her endeavors.


The academy aims to create a warm and supportive space for those with a passion for the varied art forms. The center focuses on quality education in the field of arts, music, dance and fitness. We endeavor to create awareness and spread the Indian culture through our training programs and workshops, thereby developing a sense of appreciation among people for the different arts.


The academy has four verticals –

  • the performing arts
  • martial arts and fitness
  • shooting sports and
  • academic enrichment

kRtyaVed is also a place where likeminded artists convene, ideate and discuss about the enhancement of the different art forms. It provides them an appropriate setting to meet and deliberate innovatively to develop new concepts, trends and fusion of the different arts.


The kRtyaVed Academy boasts of a marvelous set of trainers/gurus who provide the much required knowledge, skills and support to the student community at their center. To know more about them:

Shrruti Ajjay Ratnakar – Co-founder / Teacher – Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bollywood Dance
Sumit – Teacher – Guitar

Hillary Clinton once said, “Music education can help spark a child’s imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion.” And this cannot be truer than in Sumit’s case. The word that comes to mind when we talk about Sumit Sir (as he is fondly called) is “commitment.” He started learning music from the very early age of four years and has stayed dedicated and passionate about it ever since.

Sumit hails from the land of art, culture and Rabindra sangeet and Baul music – West Bengal. He is trained in both Indian and Western forms of music and yet considers himself to be a student as he is still exploring new possibilities in the world of music.

He is the founder / lead guitarist of ‘5th Cross’, a Bangalore based band that plays world music and has toured extensively across the country and performed more than 200 shows. His inspirations include world class bands such as Iron Maiden, Tool, Dream Theater and so on.

Santosh – Teacher – Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Carnatic, Vocals

Santosh is a quintessential example of a person giving up a stereotypical corporate career to pursue the dream of his life. He migrated to Bangalore so that he could educate himself in Western music while still working. Standing at the threshold of a career growth, Santosh gave it all up to follow music full time.

He has been in the field of music since the past 15 years and has been teaching the keyboard since 2009. Today Santosh trains approximately 70 students and is affiliated with the Trinity College of Music, London for conducting music exams. He has also authored a textbook in piano for students.

Chinmaya Jadhav – Trainer – Yoga
Feelics Kipson – Trainer – Zumba

Feelics is a local resident of Bangalore and is an MBA by profession. However his passion to inspire and encourage people to achieve optimum fitness levels led him to undergoing the Zumba training himself. Today, he is a certified trainer and has been associated with ZIN since 2018. He loves teaching Zumba because “each class feels like a party” to him.


The academy aims to provide artistic development and transform individuals into full-fledged artists and build a community of artists, performers and gurus in the Indian classical and contemporary forms, through a team of professional teachers committed to inspire, train and develop students of all ages and experience.


To support and nurture young, budding and enthusiastic performers and impart quality education in traditional and contemporary forms of dance, music, arts and fitness.


Love your passion, make your career and learn to work on your mind body soul.

Facilities Provided

The studio is situated on the main road and is spacious for a large group of dancers and music class. It also has changing rooms, a restroom and a shower room.
The available space can be rented by interested individuals for art workshops and courses during non-class hours.