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Getting Started with C Programming

C Programming language is a general-purpose high-level programming language

Why is C programming important?

Ever wondered why is it still important to study C programming in 2020?

C programming gives a brief introduction to memory management and high-level language. Without understanding how codes are compiled and executed, one cannot directly learn a high-level language.

Memory management- In C programming the users/coders has full control on memory. And when we say this, it indicates that the users can control how, when and where to allocate or deallocate memory.

Note: AllocateTo allocate memory in the Programming language, is to set aside a certain block of memory for storing your data.

Deallocate– Memory when no longer needed can simply be deallocated(removed). It is fast, portable and available on all platforms.

Note PortableРWhen you target a platform which has C compiler, you can directly move the C Source codes to that platform. And how do you do that? By recompiling it.

Compile– The system does not understand the codes we type until and unless we convert those codes into a machine-understandable format. So, to do this conversion, compilers are used.

To compile any code simply means that the compiler is converting a program into a machine-understandable code post which the program can be executed successfully.

Note: Difference between assembler and compiler? With the help of a compiler Highlevel languages are converted into machine-specific languages.

lowlevel languages are assembly and machine codes only an assembler is needed for converting the codes.



What is Machine Language/Code?

These codes are binary digit either 0 or 1. Computers are digital devices, the only way they understand commands are when the codes are in binary data. These are also known as low-level language.

Examples of High-level languages are Swift, C++ etc. These codes must be compiled initially before the code runs on a computer. Compiler compiles these codes into machine language.

Even today Unix Kernel and their tools, as well as libraries, are written in C Programming Language.

Syntax of few other programming languages such as java, JavaScript borrowed features or in other words syntax from C language. Reason why C programming is a must to study before you get started with the later languages such as java, PHP and many others.


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