The word ‘kathak’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means story. And as the term suggests,kathak is a dance form that narrates a story through movements, gestures and expressions. It is known for its distinctive dance style which involves impressive and spectacular footwork, graceful movements and deft pirouettes known as ‘chakkars.’
Like bharatanatyam, kathak too is one of the eight classical dance forms in India. It originated in north India and became a medium for recounting stories from the Hindu scriptures and epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Thus it was a union of three arts – dance, music and drama. With the arrival of the Mughals, this dance form evolved and underwent changes in its technique, music and costumes.
Over the years kathak progressed and developed into three main schools known as ‘gharanas’ –Lucknow, Jaipur and Benares gharanas, each having its own well-defined style and interpretation that makes them unique.
Many government and private institutions work towards the promotion and advancement of this art form through their training programs.

Kathak At kRtyaVed

Here at kRtyaVed, we too strive to further this classical dance by conducting classes. We specialize in……….gharana.