Digital Marketing Classes at Krtyaved Academics

We aim to empower businesses economically and socially through various initiatives.

Learn from Adword Experts from Bangalore with 90% success rates.What do we teach?
-Google AdWords
Setup and management of Google AdWords campaigns, for businesses of all sizes, globally.
First-time advertisers may be eligible for a coupon from Google Partners.
For contacting us for a customized proposal!

-Bing Ads
Setup and management of Bing Ads campaigns for businesses of all sizes, globally.
Ex-employee of Yahoo! with over 12 years of experience in optimizing premier accounts in the US market.

-Facebook Ads
Setup and management of Facebook Ad campaigns for businesses of all sizes, globally. Business Manager is optional.

Why Google AdWords?
“Online ads” the one-stop solution to reach the ‘n’ number of audiences to promote your brand and services.
Old fashioned way of marketing does not allow us to target a particular
set of the audience wherein digital marketing lets you decide on what type of audience can view your product listing.
The program allows you to create online ads, reaching audiences that are interested in the products or services that you offer.
apart from that, this platform runs on PPC where you have to pay every time a visitor is clicking on your ads, published.

Another great reason for getting started with AdWords is keyword bidding-(shows your ad to
prospects at the earlier stages of the product research process)
by doing this you get to track information of the visitors who clicks on your landing page.

You also can control all your campaigns and stop anytime you want if you are not satisfied with the promotions.

For more details visit us and we make sure someone will assist you on the same.

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