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Indian classical music primarily has two styles – the Hindustani and the Carnatic. While Hindustani music is prevalent in north India, Carnatic music is associated with the southern states of the country. Until the twelth and thirteenth centuries C.E. both Carnatic and Hindustani music shared a common antiquity.However with the arrival and influence of the

The history of Indian classical dance affirms that Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms in India. It originated in Tamil Nadu in South India and was initially performed by the temple dancers known as Devadasis. They showcased their dances during festivals, important events, ceremonies and at times of worship in the temples

The word ‘kathak’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means story. And as the term suggests,kathak is a dance form that narrates a story through movements, gestures and expressions. It is known for its distinctive dance style which involves impressive and spectacular footwork, graceful movements and deft pirouettes known as ‘chakkars.’ Like bharatanatyam,

The guitar is perhaps one of the most commonly used instruments across the world. Stringed instruments such as the guitar date back several centuries ago. Various forms of these stringed instruments were seen across the world at different points in time. However the credit of inventing the modern guitar as we know it goes to […]

Bollywood is the name given to the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai, India. Most Bollywood movies involve elements of music and dance in them. Hence Bollywood dance refers to the free-style dance form used in these Indian films. Decades ago, dances in the Indian film industry were based on the Indian classical dances like

Like the guitar, the violin too belongs to the family of stringed instruments but is the smallest in its kind. It was invented in Europe during the Renaissance in the 1500s. Over the years, the violin too has evolved and undergone design transformations to enhance sound quality and volume. It has a hollow body and

In its most basic form, a flute is a musical instrument which is an open hollow tube into which air is blown.Hence the flute falls into the category of wind instruments. Flutes date back to thousands of years ago and were seen across different countries in the world. Each country or region had its own

A keyboard is an instrument which can be played by pressing a series of keys. It comprises of a group of instruments such as the piano, harmonium, accordion and so on. This instrument was developed much later as compared to the other musical instruments. The keyboard has become a very popular instrument today as it

Sadhguru describes the word ‘yoga’ as being a complete path by itself. While the word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘union’, it refers to the union of the body, mind and the divine. It is a philosophy, a path of life to live by. Yoga is commonly associated with its physical manifestation in the form of postures or asanas however it is very importantly a spiritual discipline too.

Zumba, a very modern and more recent workout regime invented and developed in the late 1900s has today become a fitness phenomenon across the world.
Accidently invented by Alberto Perez in Columbia in 1986 during his aerobics class, this improvised form of exercise became a super hit among his students.


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kRtya means “Performance”, Ved means “Divine knowledge.” And at kRtyaVed we have unified the two to create a platform for the performing arts. Come immerse yourself fully and weave dance, music, yoga, martial arts and fitness into your life.
kRtyaVed aims to provide holistic courses for the growth of an individual from boosting one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing to increasing the knowledge of music, from enhancing one’s flexibility through fitness classes and kalaripayattu to expressing oneself through dance.
One can also seek to become a teacher, a guru, through the Bodhi Yoga Teachers’ Training courses and an ace Olympic air rifle and pistol shooter by undergoing the relevant training programs.
So come join hands with us and together let us take steps to begin our mystical, musical journey.


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